Personalised drawing made into piece of jewellery

I have a weakness for all things personalised. Adjust any item or present to fit the occasion, recipient, mood and the simplest of gestures is multiplied by awesome and a trillion.  Oh well, I’ll just admit it, I still make hand drawn cards, drawings and poems for my mum’s birthday!! And yes she loves them.

I have been drooling over custom made (family) illustrated portraits on Etsy and Fiverr  for a while now. I think I was first introduced to them in an article in Flow magazine a few years back. Last x-mas I decided to put and end to the wait; it was the perfect time to order my first commissioned illustration. After a few sessions of websurfing I ended up in a little Etsy shop named  Strangeteeth run by a lovely illustrator Claudia. Click here for her main website which is very beautifully designed!  In one of her listings Claudia offers a mini portrait, drawn by hand with prisma markers (you learn something new every day!) ‘giving them a sweet and dainty watercolor look’ (I quoted Claudia there, hence the missing u in colour:-).


Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 17.51.50


I bought the listing and sent Claudia a digital scrapbook collage with pictures of my guy, my bun and myself. The communication with Claudia was really easy, she asked for certain extra info and she even sent me a little ‘in progress update’.

The drawing arrived digitally in time for christmas (Claudia includes sending the real thing by post in her listing), I added a little title to it and gave it as a christmas present to James. He absolutely loved it, it cracked him up. I don’t think he had ever seen a custom drawn portrait before. I showed it to one of my friends the other day and she’d never heard of it either. I think I found a bit of a new calling in ‘pushing’  custom drawn portraits to everyone I know.. It just makes such a considerate gift! Now that I think of it, it might well be the easiest most original gift you never even have to think about anymore. It could be your signature gift for a lifetime! Think of all the possibilities: a friend with a baby on the way, a new house, a new pet. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving,; each update, hairstyle change, family addition means a new gift. Ha!

Anyway, I wanted to show you something else I did with my portrait, besides framing it. I’ve recently been really into resin pouring, mainly because I have to test lots and lots of different types for our new series of coffee tables. So as I was pouring away I thought it would be nice to use some of the leftover resin to cast a mini mini version of the drawing into a silver pendant. So it can go on a necklace for me or a keychain for him. Here’s the result, look how tiny…


IMG_5853I think it turned out great, very chuffed with it.


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