Our camper project: Tallulah


Life has these mysterious ways of making its road lead you in directions that you had never previously thought you would follow.

This is a sad post. It’s sad because it’s about letting go, sacrifice, saying goodbye.

I am one of the worst when it comes to letting go, but even me, a neurotic keepsakes clenching hoarder, even I know that in order to let the new in, the old must go out..

I fell ill, moved country, I fell in love, we commuted between countries, him and me built a camper van… And now, because we want to take our love to the next level we have to sell our precious project we worked so hard on. We have to sell her way before her time. So many holidays we could have still enjoyed, so many road trips we should have made still. Unfortunately there’s no way we can keep her as my boyfriend needs to migrate in order to be with me and importing the van isn’t an option.

So here’s a little photographic hommage to the run down London florist van we turned into a very special camper van. Tallulah, our labour of love.

The highlights.


driving through Scandinavia last spring.


coffe in VW camper van

Coffee and magazines are your no 1 necessities whilst campervanning.

vw camper sand

Tallulah’s toes in the sand…

sunset vw camper

Tha back window as a frame to a perfect sunset.

sun visors vw camper van

My home made upholstered sun visors!

beach denmark camper vans vw

In Denmark we found this amazing wide beach which was completely accessible to camper vans, it was amazing.

sweden vw camper

The view in Sweden.

travelling camper

Let’s go travelling…

rabbit passenger

Our rabbit passenger

rabbit camper van vw

sniffle sniffle, travelling Parker rabbit style!

vw t4 birthday camper

Birthdays, camper van style!

IMG_5430 copy

Coffee and magazines…necessities for camper vanning!

VW camper interiorIMG_4547IMG_4395 IMG_4429 copy IMG_4483 IMG_4508 IMG_4520 IMG_4537 IMG_4571 IMG_4592 IMG_5027 IMG_6143 IMG_6147 copy IMG_6272 IMG_6778 IMG_6779 IMG_6782 IMG_6785 IMG_6791 IMG_6792 IMG_6793 IMG_6794 IMG_6796 IMG_6800 IMG_6804 IMG_6806 IMG_6813 IMG_6832 IMG_6835 copy IMG_6842 IMG_6844 copy IMG_6851 IMG_6859 copy IMG_6861 IMG_9678 copy IMG_9683 copy IMG_9684 copy IMG_9686 IMG_9693 copy IMG_9695

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