First impressions of the house; how it was and how it is now.

I thought I’d start my series of new house stories off by showing some photos of how the property looked the day we got the keys. Brace yourself.

Here’s the kitchen:

IMG_7059 2

First I cleaned everything thoroughly and then I started on that back wall. It was in an awful state, stuff came crumbling down all the time, I think I plastered about three thin layers before I managed to see a difference in the surface.


Tackling the first wall and testing some colours


Living room

Although the house is nowhere near finished, I thought it’d be cool to do some current before and after comparisons. Here we go.

Downstairs living room

The stairsoffice beforelivingroombeforestairs before after The landing, side of the stairs

landingstairs before afterThe landing, which we, after much deliberation, decided to turn into an office with room for storage on the right hand wall. We considered using this cosy nook as our bedroom, because of its lofty feel. But James wisely convinced me of the fact that doing so would probably lead to the other room being in a perpetual state of mess and dumping ground, since it’s the only room with a door. In hindsight I am so happy we opted for this! The slim storage, woolly rug and beanbag, whilst trying to keep everything airy and transparent which is why we went for a double ply wall mounted desk with a single white hairpin leg.


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