Photo booth for wedding / party/ event

I recently did a photo shoot for a photo booth company (I know, that sounds weird, right!?)

These two guys in my city run an awesome photo booth company for parties and weddings. For any of you not familiar with the concept, photo booths have become quite the rage in Europe over the last 5 years. They’re a machines / set-ups or even just columns you can hire to entertain your party guests with a selfie experience taken to the max. Some photo booth suppliers provide a proper old fashioned 90’s style photo booth including an awkwardly crowded space behind a closed curtain and polaroid style slowly developing photostrips popping out the side of the machine. Other companies just rent out a camera and a backdrop and present your party snaps in an online album.


This company of the two guys I mentioned earlier provides their customers with the best of both worlds; enough space to pose and goof because there’s no enclosed space but with real (and unlimited!!!) photo strips. A pretty cool concept I think. I wouldn’t want to spend money to hire a photo booth and not have something tangible to offer to my guests.


What does this machine look like you ask? Well, the reason I ended up photographing its the answer to just that question. Their current loyal, yet somewhat unfortunate looking photo machine was in desperate need of a sibling with better looks. James was commissioned to produce this photo booth 2.0. It had to pretty much have similar measurements as the old model, as inside the machine there was all sorts of electrical equipment. The style and execution however was in desperate need of scandi infusion, a serious dose of manly plywood and some state of the art laserburn technology.

I took these photos for James’ portfolio and I thought it’d be cool to share the result with you guys. Here are the photos, enjoy!photo booth wedding

heavy photo booth wedding studio

pretty heavy to manoeuvre in our tiny make shift studio!

logo cnc laser photo booth wedding

logo made by laser cnc


detail laser cnc photo booth wedding

Such amazing details; a combination of the wood, the colour of the burn and the graphics.

ffbserie3 ffb3 ffb6 ffb10 And here are some shots set in the amazing former Honig factory outdoor space. SUCH a cool space for photoshoots, the light is different every time which makes it annoying but keeps it interesting.ffb15 ffb17

ffb21 ffb16 ffb12

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