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cropped-favicon.jpgWhen life gives you lemons… make yourself a glass of lemonade and laugh at the sour-induced morphed face you just pulled.

If you’re browsing the web looking for a perfectly curated trendy blog featuring carefully selected vintage toned photos of a girl with equally carefully manicured hands holding a Starbucks coffee cup… move on.

It’s me, TheTurquoiseRabbit; I am an English language teacher, translator, creative entrepreneur, a neurotic chaotic multilingual.  Passionate about interior design and DIY. Language and semiotics lover. Photographer. I’m quietly vegan. I have an Etsy shop. I love hanging out with eight-year-olds. I’m a singer-songwriter. Guitarist. Rabbit enthusiast.

What I blog about:

I’m a very creative and industrious person, always have been actually.  As a child I was constantly making; whether I was drawing, painting, writing songs, building my own furniture, making little bracelets or designing my own stationery, it seemed I never went a moment without ‘making’ something. I also was a bit of a hoarder (erm..was? OK, OK, I still am!) because I just SEE so much in everything! An old barrel? Let’s make it into a light! I see a T-shirt with an awesome graphic print but it’s not available in my size? Let’s sew it into a cushion cover.

I’ve always had a strong fascination for languages, linguistics, semiotics: letters, words, patterns, maps, signs. They intrigue me infinitely and you will certainly see them appear in my projects.

Lately, I have been interested mainly in interior styling and furniture, possibly instigated by the fact we’ve just moved to a small house that was in need of TLC. The work is ongoing and I love photographing and describing the progress and results of all the work.

The thing is: I am passionate about too many things in life. You’d think that’s nice because being this way makes life full and interesting. But to be honest, daily life isn’t always easy. I have a chronic condition which means my brain struggles with certain things and I always seem to end up biting off more than I can chew. Which brings me to why I started this blog.

Why I started TheTurquoiseRabbit

I’ve been very ill for a long time; due to several misdiagnoses and medical mistakes I spent what had to be the ‘prime’ years of my life going in and out of hospital. Only recently have I really started to get back on track, thanks to my wonderful fiancé (who does a lot of making too), and the amazing caring and creative hub I have discovered in the city we currently live in; Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Life tends to shrink when you’re ill. I sometimes feel as if my life is literally shrink-wrapped around me like a sticky piece of cling film I can’t shake off. I want to have friends, experiences and activity in my life again which I don’t find easy.

That’s why I started this blog, blogging helps me to frame the results of what I do in a way I can pour them in a more graspable mould. Consider this my own little ‘getting back out there’ project, albeit in a digital, internetty kind of way.

I hope you enjoy reading what I blog about. But if you don’t, that’s allright too.

Oh, I almost forgot. Why the name, you might ask. Sorry to disappoint you, the answer is rather boring:

Turquoise is my all-time favourite colour & rabbits are my all-time favourite animals (Meet Parker, my house rabbit)


xxxx TheTurquoiseRabbit



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